This book is not the only way Dora is able to "tell the children."  Dora has a busy schedule lecturing on the
Holocaust, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She has been a keynote speaker at many Yom Hashoah
events, has signed books at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, and has spoken at bookstores,
churches, synagogues, universities, and even a prison.  But her main focus and mission are to speak to young
students in middle schools and  high schools, and to educate and sensitize them to history of the Holocaust and
the dangers of hatred and intolerance.

If you are interested in having Dora speak, please contact the Holocaust Center of Northern California at (415)
Below are some student reactions and other references relating to Dora's lectures.
"tell the children" : so they won't forget...  a website developed by a student who heard Dora speak

"...It's difficult, of course, to find survivors of the Holocaust who are willing to talk about such a difficult past. I
was very lucky that a survivor came to speak to my class about her experiences in the Auschwitz concentration
camp.  Her name was Dora Sorell and she was a volunteer speaker who came to us through the Holocaust
Center in San Francisco …"
Light a Candle for Yom Hashoah

In 1987 Dora was a guest speaker for Yom Hashoah at Temple Beth Israel in Tarrytown.  After giving an
introduction, she read the Passover letter from her book.  The entire lecture was serialized in six installments in
the Jewish Press.
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