Dora grew up in the small town of Sighet
in Northern Romania between the two
World Wars.  In May 1944  she was
deported to Auschwitz along with most of
the town's 10,000 Jewish inhabitants.
She survived the ordeal, but her parents,
two of her brothers, and some 40
members of her extended family
perished in the gas chambers.  Dora
returned to Sighet, married her high
school sweetheart, and built a career
and raised a family before emigrating to
the West to be with her surviving brothers.

Tell The Children   Dora Apsan Sorell
“Her autobiography is informative, perceptive and poignant.  Its emotional
impact is powerful. To read it is to come closer to historical events that will
forever haunt mankind’s  conscience."                             
 —Elie Wiesel