Berkeley survivor donates her slave-labor compensation to aid Sudanese refugees
joe eskenazi, staff writer
the  jewish news weekly, 08/13/2004

"If actions speak louder than words, then Dora Sorell has just emitted an ear-shattering shout.

The Auschwitz survivor, forced laborer and Holocaust lecturer has opted to donate the slave-labor
compensation issued to her more than 60 years after the fact to a Jewish organization aiding Sudanese

'I wanted to show the connection between the Holocaust and another genocide,'  …"
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Children's Story From Auschwitz
Meredith May, Staff Writer        
the SF Chronicle, 12/13/2000

"Berkeley -- Dora Sorell took a sip of tea and looked over the crowd of Berkeley middle schoolers waiting for
her to impress them.

'I am going to show you something that you will always remember forever,' said Sorell, 79, pushing up the
sleeve of her black cardigan. She held out her left forearm, where more than a half century ago a German
soldier had jabbed a pin into her arm over and over to crookedly mark her: A- 7603.

'Does anyone know what this is?' … "         
Doctor Donates Restitution Check to Hadassah
Jan Fisher, Treasurer
Hadassah, Berkeley Chapter, Nov. 2003

...We in the Berkeley Chapter are excited and moved by the $5,000 gift of Dr. Dora A. Sorell to the Center for
Emergency Medicine...  This check represents moneys earned by Dr. Sorell during the Shoah as wages for
slave labor. After internment in Auschwitz, she was sent to an I G Farben factory in Czechoslovakia. The
Conference on Jewish Material Claims in Germany has been able to assist people like Dr. Sorell in receiving the
wages that should have been paid.
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